SCONE® Device

Reducing the Risk of Infectious Aerosol Exposure to Healthcare Workers using Self-Contained Negative Pressure Environments (SCONE™).
low_cost Low Cost Get all the clinical benefits of negative pressure without the high cost of retrofitting entire rooms.
hazard_waste Disposable No need to re-sterilize after use; simply dispose the device according to hazardous waste policies.
containment Quick and Easy Minimize the risk of aerosol spread to HCWs during triage and transport of PUIs in and around the hospital.
single_patient_use Single Patient Use Avoid reusing potentially contaminated devices and maximize environmental sterility.
SCONE Device Walkthrough


A simple solution that will change the standard of care for hospital infectious disease containment. Get to know the device from zero-to-five. 

ONE Oxygen Adapter Port

There is one oxygen port adapter on the right side of the device that connects to standard size 3/16" - 1/4" ID oxygen tubing readily available in every facility. A patient may also receive supplemental oxygen through a nasal cannula. 


TWO Suction Adapter Ports

There are two suction port adapters on the left side that connect to a standard 1/4" - 3/8" ID hospital suction tubing or a portable suction pump capable of achieving 50-70 liters of airflow/min.

If your facility is only set up for 1 suction port, simply increase the clearance time to 10 minutes.


THREE Pivot Points of View

This "cabana" like shape provides 3 viewing angles for HCWs during procedures and treatment while also allowing the SCONE™ to expand upward and collapse flat for a slimmer packaging design.

FOUR Arm Access Holes

Fully-sealed when not in use, the 4 arm access holes are easy to open and seal shut and allow for up to 3 HCWs to be assisting a patient at one time.


FIVE Minute Clearance Rate

Standard negative pressure rooms require an air exchange rate per hour (ACH) of 12. Our data shows that the SCONE achieves 50+ ACH under normal operating conditions, providing a more effective and efficient alternative to the high expense of retrofitting existing rooms in every hospital facility. 


SCONE is the new standard for aerosol containment in hospitals.

Start a conversation with us about how SCONE can add another level of protection for healthcare workers and bring back a sense of "normal" to your hospital.
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SCONE Key Features

Device Specifications

  • 24"W x 20"H x 20"D = Approximately 50L chamber
  • 50+ air exchanges per hour (ACH) inside the device under expected operating conditions
  • Aerosol Clearance Rate (ACR) = 5 minutes under expected operating conditions. With single line, holes open, etc. still proven to clear particulates within 10 minutes.
  • 2 standard 1/4" suction lines connect to adapters on the device with wall-mount pressure gauge set to 80-120 mmHg achieves airflow rate of 50-70 LPM with all arm holes sealed
  • 10 LPM oxygen using standard 3/8" oxygen tubing connected to port adapter on device
  • HF-NC for patient if wall-mount oxygen delivery is not in use
  • 4 arm-access holes to allow for multiple care providers access to patient, sealed when not in use

Use Specifications

  • Disposable, single patient use
  • Intended to be used for triage, patient transport in and through facilities, and aerosol generating procedures
  • Foldable, collapsible for increased portability and smaller footprint  
  • Accommodates various bed sizes and patient widths
  • Front vinyl shroud drapes around patient and under bottom front frame creating a seal for negative pressure
  • Velcro straps on the back of device allow for affixation to bed and patient to sit at various angles
  • Angled cabana structure provides physician easier line of sight to patient during treatment
  • Clear chamber allows patient greater visibility while in the device

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