Intended Uses

Hospitals and Providers

Changing the Standard of Care for Infectious Aerosol Control

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has changed healthcare forever. Now more than ever, hospitals are implementing new protocols and procedures for mitigating risk associated with the spread of infectious disease. The SCONE™ helps healthcare facilities protect their providers and ease the burden logistically during seasons of high airborne infectious disease risk.

Triage and Emergency Medicine

Don't wait for test results to protect healthcare workers and other patients.

What happens when a patient with symptoms of Infectious Disease enters your hospital? How fast does it take to get a firm diagnosis? What is your current isolation room capacity? How prepared is your hospital to protect your healthcare workers and other patients from aerosol transmission? Sample Triage Protocols
Aerosol Generating Procedures

Control the Risk of Transmission during Aerosol Generating Procedures.

During an AGP, virus droplets and aerosols are emitted from a patient into the surrounding environment. The SCONE™ is an "active" barrier protection device that generates suction and evacuates these pathogenic particulates before ever escaping. Watch the Video Clip
Aerosol Generating Procedures

Which type of procedures aerosolize?

  • Airway Surgeries (e.g., ENT, thoracic, transsphenoidal surgeries)
  • Intubation and Extubation
  • Chest Compressions
  • Nebulization
  • High flow oxygen, including nasal cannula, at > 15L
  • Non-invasive positive pressure ventilation (e.g. CPAP, BIPAP)
  • Oscillatory ventilation
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Sputum induction
  • Open suctioning of tracheostomy or endotracheal tube
  • Tracheostomy change
  • Manual ventilation (e.g. manual bag-mask ventilation before intubation)
  • Disconnecting patient from ventilator
  • Upper endoscopy (including transesophageal echocardiogram)
  • Venturi mask with cool aerosol humidification
  • Mechanical In-Exsufflator (MIE)
  • Ventilator circuit manipulation
  • Dental procedures
Facility Transport and Throughput

Put a stop to compromised patient care. Move patients safely and efficiently.

Develop new SCONE™ protocols that allow for safe transport in and through your facility and eliminate the need for providers to compromise care for a patient due to an increase in exposure risk to themselves, their co-workers, and other patients. 

Patients can be placed under a SCONE™ while waiting for diagnosis, multiple in one area if needed, and transferred within the facility while receiving oxygen for up to 30 min before reconnecting the suction lines.

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Family Visits and End of Life Care

There's a reason we have visitation hours in healthcare facilities.

The lack of human connection for patients negatively effects their emotional health and well-being and will to keep fighting through treatment. Families are restricted from seeing their loved ones because healthcare facilities can't risk exposing more people to infectious diseases. 

The SCONE™ may allow for new visitation protocols that are safe and planned. Listen to Dr. Lawrence share his idea for bringing back family visitation hours to provide closure to family members during end of life.

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