Self-Contained Negative Pressure Environment

The SCONE® reduces the risk of infectious aerosol exposure to health care workers using negative pressure technology by creating "active" barrier protection that maximizes hospital throughput and improves the quality of patient care.

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Improving Safety by Reducing the Risk of Infectious Aerosol Transmission

With increased globalization, emergency health care workers are often on the front lines in identifying and halting outbreaks of emerging or re-emerging infectious diseases. The overwhelming demand for PPE in the most recent COVID-19 pandemic has led to the development of alternative safety solutions critical to providing barriers of protection for health care workers.

Single Patient Use, Disposable


The SCONE is a "first-of-its-kind" American-made, single-patient-use, disposable negative pressure device Authorized for Emergency Use (EUA) by the FDA for active barrier protection in healthcare settings. In pre-clinical testing, the SCONE achieved a 99.99% clearance rate in 5 minutes under expected operating conditions.


icon_pressure-1 Reduce Exposure Risk to Health Care Workers

Keep your HCWs safe and healthy by implementing SCONE protocols as a modern safety strategy to protect against virus aerosols and droplets.

icon_ppe Reduce Demand for PPE and Ventilators

Potentially reduce PPE changes on room entry/exit and return to “universal precaution” standards. Use isolated HF-NC/BiPAP/CPAP to reduce the risk of early intubation.

icon_visits Family Visits and End of Life Care

Boost patient and family morale and meet patient emotional support needs by adding SCONE to your hospital guidelines for safe visitation protocols.

icon_flow Maximize Throughput, Improve Patient Flow

Triage patients efficiently and prevent bottlenecking in isolation rooms. Keep environmental air safe during transport of patients in and through the hospital.

Developed in Collaboration with Mayo Clinic

“The SCONE achieved high level control of virus-sized aerosols under expected operating conditions...with a 99% clearance rate within 5 minutes." - Dr. Michael Wallace, Mayo Clinic

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A Modern PPE Strategy

Get the infection control benefits of negative pressure without the high price tag and room retrofitting. A small-capacity, single patient use device that produces a clearance rate FIVE times faster than the average negative pressure room.
Pre-Clinical Efficacy Testing

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The recent COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way hospitals treat infectious disease. Prevention and proper management for Covid-Like Illness and Influenza-Like Illness PUI's must be a top priority for Emergency Departments in the coming season. Set up a Zoom Call with a member of our team to find out how SCONE can help safeguard and maximize efficiency for your hospital.