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What is the SCONE? A New PPE Strategy for Healthcare.

With the onset of COVID-19, this year has been full of hardship for people across the globe. From doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers in desperate need of PPE to safely complete medical procedures to wives, husbands, sons, and daughters unable to have loved ones by their sides as they battled coronavirus, there have been a seemingly insurmountable amount of challenges that thousands of people have faced in 2020.

While we cannot go back in time and prevent these situations from happening, we created the SCONE™ as a solution that can make a difference right now.

The SCONE™, or Self-Contained Negative Pressure Environment, is a device that uses negative pressure technology to create active barrier protection for healthcare workers; but it’s so much more than that. The SCONE™ is the best option for helping healthcare workers during the pandemic and keeping families together during these tumultuous times.

We believe healthcare workers are heroes, which is why we want to do our part to help protect them. The SCONE™ helps healthcare workers reduce their risk of contracting COVID-19, decrease PPE changes throughout the day, and prevent congestion in isolation rooms.

There are two ways through which airborne contagious illnesses spread: droplets and aerosols. Aerosolized particles are infinitesimal compared to the larger droplets, and can travel on air currents for hours. The SCONE™ was developed with clinical support from the Mayo Clinic to provide healthcare workers an extra layer of barrier protection against droplets and aerosols that are generated during procedures like nebulization, intubation/extubation, BiPAP, CIPAP, endoscopy, bronchoscopy, etc. and during transport of patients in and through hospital facilities. 

This allows healthcare workers to do their jobs effectively and efficiently without worrying about a lack of PPE or their chances of being exposed to the virus. This innovative product was designed for single patient use and is fully disposable, allowing healthcare workers to complete aerosol generating procedures with confidence.

In addition to helping these workers, the SCONE™ also helps protect individuals who want to visit their family members in the hospital.

Due to the nature of how the coronavirus spreads, thousands upon thousands of families are unable to visit their loved ones in the hospital. Our heart breaks for these families, so we created SCONE™ to help.

Because the SCONE™ uses negative pressure technology to provide total clearance of viral particles in 5 minutes, individuals will be able to safely visit their family members and provide vital emotional support and end of life care.

Family visits are critical to boosting patient and family morale. The SCONE™ makes these visits possible.

There is a common saying that the only way out of a challenging situation is through. Here at SCONE Medical Solutions, we believe that the only way out is together. 

As we continue to face COVID-19 and all of the hardships that come with this virus, we take comfort in knowing the SCONE™ device is providing a new way to protect healthcare heroes on the frontlines and keep families safe and together day in and day out.

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The SCONE™ has received authorization from the FDA for Emergency Use. Connect with us to learn how to bring the SCONE™ protection into your healthcare facility.

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