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The Biden-Harris Plan to Beat COVID-19

On January 20, President-Elect Joseph Biden will be sworn into office, and he will be able to start implementing the plans he and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris hope will make lasting positive change.

As the nation heads into the first year of battling the coronavirus and healthcare workers across the country brace themselves for the second wave of this pandemic, many people want to know how Biden and Harris plan on addressing COVID-19 once they transition into office.

The Effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Since the onset of the pandemic, COVID-19 has caused over 200,000 deaths, dozens of hospital bankruptcies, severe personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages, hazardous working conditions for healthcare workers, and immeasurable pain for families who have loved ones who have faced this virus.

In order to make room and save resources for those patients with the coronavirus, hospitals across the nation were forced to cancel and postpone elective surgeries and procedures, significantly decreasing their income and causing several of them to close their doors for good.

The need for hospitals and healthcare facilities to scrounge for adequate PPE like gowns, masks, and gloves only aided this problem, while also making it difficult for healthcare professionals to stay safe while caring for patients. Many physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers reported feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and unsafe as they were required to perform triage and reuse PPE while dealing with patients under investigation (PUIs).

As these patients fought for their lives on ventilators, most were unable to receive physical moral support from their family and friends in order to prevent the virus from spreading, meaning they had to face this unprecedented, and in some cases insurmountable, hardship on their own.

Although these were major issues that the United States was facing this past Spring, they have persisted over the past several months, and are only getting worse as the U.S. enters the second wave of the pandemic.

Now more than ever, it is vital that solutions are put into place that can help resolve these issues and tackle these challenges head-on. The choices that Biden and Harris make starting in January will have the potential to make a significant impact on hospitals and healthcare workers as well as patients and their loved ones.

As such, it is important that everyone stays informed about these upcoming plans and determines their role in helping mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

The Biden-Harris COVID-19 Plan

Biden and Harris have been vocal about prioritizing COVID-19 solutions starting from the very first day of Biden’s presidency.

The Biden-Harris administration pledges to “listen to science, ensure public health decisions are informed by public health professionals, and promote trust, transparency, common purpose, and accountability” as evidenced by their transition task force and their seven-point plan to beat COVID-19 [1].

The COVID-19 Task Force

On Monday, November 9, President-Elect Joe Biden’s transition team announced that Biden will form a new coronavirus advisory board when he takes office.

As COVID-19 cases continue to climb in the United States, causing death and serious health consequences for thousands of Americans, especially minorities and those living in low-income areas, Biden has vowed to use this task force to help stop the spread.

According to Biden, “The advisory board will help shape my approach to managing the surge in reported infections; ensuring vaccines are safe, effective, and distributed efficiently, equitably, and free; and protecting at-risk populations” [2].

In order to make this possible, Biden has pledged to work with scientists and public health experts and to make sure voices from these experts are well-represented on his task force. He announced that his advisory board will be lead by Dr. David Kessler, a professor of pediatrics, epidemiology, and biostatistics at the University of California San Francisco; former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy; and Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith, associate dean for health equity research at Yale School of Medicine.

In addition to this leadership, Biden will have experts who hold a variety of positions within the health field. With an advisory board composed of individuals ranging from professors of surgery to medical directors to executive directors for global health to virologists, Biden’s task force is set to make battling COVID-19 a priority.

The Biden-Harris Seven-Point Plan

In order to beat COVID-19, Biden and Harris have established a seven-point plan:

  • Providing access to regular, reliable, and free testing for all Americans
  • Permanently fixing PPE problems
  • Providing resources and clear, evidence-based guidelines for how communities, schools, businesses, and families should navigate the pandemic
  • Planning for effective and equitable distribution of vaccines and COVID-19 treatments
  • Protecting elderly and high-risk Americans from COVID-19
  • Rebuilding and expanding defenses to predict, prevent, and mitigate pandemic threats
  • Implementing nation-wide mask mandates

With these steps in mind, Biden and Harris plan on being able to significantly slow and eventually stop the spread of COVID-19.

We Believe the SCONE™ Can Help

Although the Biden-Harris seven-point plan and COVID-19 task force might seem promising, it is important to realize that both January 20 and the release date for an effective vaccine are still a long way off, and healthcare workers need help and support NOW.

Over a thousand healthcare workers have died from the coronavirus and their risk for COVID-19 is only increasing as the pandemic continues to worsen.

Hospitals need a solution that can provide relief and help alleviate the spread of COVID-19 immediately in order to keep healthcare professionals safe and keep families together during the pandemic.


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