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SCONE™ - The Best Option for Additional PPE

The coronavirus pandemic has been a disaster for individuals and for organizations spanning countless industries across the globe. None have been hit harder than hospitals as well as other healthcare facilities and their workers, who have had to face the physical, emotional, and financial burdens of this pandemic head-on.

Healthcare workers have had to transport and conduct aerosol-generating procedures on COVID patients all while reusing personal protective equipment (PPE) like gloves and N95 masks. In an attempt to protect their employees and their patients, hospitals have struggled to find adequate PPE and improve their throughput.

While these challenges might seem insurmountable, there is a solution that can address these issues and help protect healthcare workers during this trying time.

The SCONE™, a medical device designed by SCONE™ Medical Solutions, serves as an active barrier that provides an additional layer of protection for healthcare workers while minimizing PPE use and maximizing throughput.

Here are four reasons why the SCONE™ is the best addition to personal protective equipment for healthcare workers and hospitals during the coronavirus pandemic:

1. The SCONE™ is Cost-Effective

Covid-19 has taken a financial toll on hospitals across the nation. Several dozen hospitals in the United States have had to close their doors due to increased spending on ventilators and PPE, decreased revenue from elective surgeries and procedures, and other unexpected costs.

As hospitals scramble to stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic, it has been difficult for them to find the money and resources to provide adequate PPE for their physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. PPE costs have gone through the roof, and a lack of elective surgeries due to government mandates have added to the financial burden that many healthcare facilities are facing in the United States.

The SCONE™ provides the ultimate solution for this problem because it is both low cost and cost-effective. With the SCONE™, hospitals can have all of the benefits of negative pressure and aerosol clearance without spending money retrofitting entire hospital rooms. The SCONE™ also minimizes the need for PPE changes, allowing hospitals to save money when buying personal protective equipment.

2. The SCONE™ is Single-Use

As COVID-19 cases rose rapidly this past spring, hospitals faced difficulty finding enough adequate PPE for their healthcare workers and were forced to request additional PPE from organizations like

In order to protect their healthcare workers in the meantime, many hospitals required employees to disinfect and reuse their PPE, which is not ideal in any situation, let alone during a pandemic.

If hospitals had the SCONE™, it not only would have reduced their need for PPE, but it also would have provided them with disposable single-use protective equipment that offers protection for both healthcare workers and the patients in their care.

Single-use protective equipment minimizes the risk of contamination, creating a safer, sterile environment for healthcare workers who are already at high risk for COVID-19. With their healthcare workers on the frontlines providing essential patient care during the coronavirus pandemic, hospitals need solutions like the SCONE™ that will increase sterility and help healthcare workers feel safe going to work.

3. The SCONE™ is Hassle-Free

The SCONE™ is a quick and easy way to provide active barrier protection for healthcare workers facing COVID-19 exposure, significantly reducing blockage and increasing throughput.

As hospital beds quickly filled up this past year due to rising COVID-19 cases, healthcare workers were required to practice triage in order to provide sufficient care. With thousands of patients and not much space for these new patients, hospitals also saw an increasing number of healthcare professionals transporting patients under investigation (PUIs) in and around the hospital.

Although these were, and still are, necessary actions, they also drastically increase the risk of aerosol spread, putting healthcare workers and patients at risk.

The SCONE™ is a medical device that provides a simple solution to reduce this risk of infectious aerosol spread during triage, patient transport, and aerosol-generating procedures thanks to its zero-to-five design:

  • Zero hassle: The SCONE™ requires zero-assembly and zero-sterilization, making it one of the easiest to use protective devices available to hospitals. Simply fold it open or collapse it close and dispose of it after single patient use.
  • One oxygen port adapter: There is one oxygen port adapter on the SCONE™ that healthcare workers can attach to their standard oxygen tubing with ease.
  • Two suction adapter ports: The SCONE™ has two suction adapter ports that allow for headache-free connection to standard hospital suction tubing.
  • Three pivot points of view: Healthcare workers can take advantage of three pivot points of view thanks to the “cabana-like” design of the SCONE™. This provides tree optimum viewing angles for healthcare workers to use as they conduct procedures.
  • Four arm access points: The SCONE™ has four arm access holes so that multiple healthcare workers can assist with patient care at a time. These access points are easy to open, and they stay fully-sealed when not in use, preserving the negative pressure environment.
  • Five-minute clearance: The SCONE™ has an impressive clearance rate that allows it to clear potentially infectious aerosols and droplets in less than five minutes. While typical negative pressure rooms take a long time to clear and retrofitting existing hospital rooms is costly, the SCONE™ provides this negative pressure at a far higher air exchange rate per hour and a fraction of the cost.

With this hassle-free zero-to-five design, the SCONE™ sets the standard for negative pressure environments according to Dr. Michael Wallace of the Mayo Clinic. “There is an urgent need for small capacity self-contained negative pressure environments that utilize existing hospital suction lines and HEPA filtration,” Wallace states. “The SCONE™ is a highly efficient, low cost solution that can be quickly deployed for use and quickly disposed of after treatment.”

4. The SCONE™ is Disposable

With the SCONE™, hospitals and healthcare workers do not need to worry about taking time, energy, and money for sterilization after each use. They can simply dispose of this single-use device in accordance with hazardous waste policies and carry on with their day.

Now more than ever, it is critical for healthcare workers to make the most of every single moment they can find. The SCONE™ helps make this possible by offering quick and easy use and disposal.

Learning more about the SCONE™

The SCONE™ is the best resource for healthcare professionals to use in conjunction with PPE because it is a cost-effective, efficient, disposable, single-use solution to the main problems facing hospitals and their employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the United States prepares to face wave two of this pandemic, a wave that many experts predict will be far worse than the first, it is essential for hospitals to utilize solutions like the SCONE™ that will keep their healthcare workers safe as they provide care and face COVID-19 exposure.

See the SCONE™ in action HERE


SCONE™ has been authorized by the FDA for Emergency Use. Connect with us to learn more.

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