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SCONE™ Provides Added Way to Protect Healthcare Workers from COVID-19

Since March, many hospitals across the globe have faced challenges while trying to offer protection for physicians and nurses who are at high risk for COVID-19.

Data from more than 6,000 healthcare facilities participating in a GetUsPPE study showed significant PPE shortages with many of these facilities lacking N95 respirators (74%), surgical masks (64%), face shields (60%), and other resources necessary for healthcare worker protection.

The lack of access to adequate PPE continues to take a toll several months after the onset of COVID-19. A survey from the American Nurses Association showed 42% of respondents were still facing PPE shortages this past August, and 58% of respondents were reusing PPE for at least five days.

This has left many nurses, physicians, and other health care workers feeling unsafe and anxious as they continue to care for patients suffering from COVID-19. Healthcare workers need additional PPE, and additional protection beyond PPE, in order to stay safe, especially because they face a higher risk for COVID-19 than the general public.

That’s where the SCONE™ steps in to help.

The SCONE™ provides an added layer of protection to help protect healthcare workers who either lack sufficient PPE or are in need of extra protection while they provide patient care. In the GetUsPPE study, 27% of hospitals reported their need for additional PPE and protection. The SCONE™ offers the ultimate solution to this problem.

Thanks to its negative pressure technology, the SCONE™ creates an active barrier that clears disease spreading aerosols and droplets within minutes, helping healthcare workers treat patients confidently and without fear of contracting the coronavirus.

Because the SCONE™ significantly reduces the risk of infectious aerosol exposure to health care workers, it helps optimize hospital throughput and allows healthcare workers to offer high-quality patient care.

At SCONE™ Medical Solutions, we understand just how important it is for healthcare workers to feel safe and have the protection they need to perform life saving procedures that put them at risk for COVID-19. The SCONE™ is a single-use device that helps reduce the risk of exposure, the demand for PPE, and the need to reuse PPE so that healthcare workers can do their jobs safely.


SCONE™ has received authorization from the FDA for Emergency Use. Connect with us to learn how to bring the SCONE™ protection to your healthcare facility. 

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