Kristen Adams 1/19/21 12:55 AM 5 min read

SCONE partners with Apiary Medical to bring aerosol control to VA hospitals, DOD

A recent internal watchdog report has revealed that VA hospitals around the country have rationed or ran out of PPE entirely since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The report indicates that nearly two dozen VA emergency rooms or urgent-care centers had to ration gear earlier this year, and two ran out of some equipment. Some facilities even limited the use of new masks to one a week, unless soiled. 

What if there was another solution, other than just PPE, to protect healthcare workers and other non-infectious veterans in hospitals? What if the invisible threat of air and droplet pathogens could be reduced or even eliminated at the source before they have a chance to spread? 

A better infection prevention strategy includes both active and passive forms of barrier protection.

SCONE Medical Solutions Inc has recently partnered with Apiary Medical, a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) to bring a novel active barrier protection device called SCONE™ to VA/DOD facilities across the country. The SCONE™, recently FDA EUA approved, is a Self-Contained Negative Pressure Environment that uses negative pressure (or vacuum-like) technology to clear 99.9% of virus-sized pathogens in the air every 5-10 minutes. PPE, like masks and gowns, are forms of passive barrier protection which are necessary, but limited to protecting the user only. In contrast, SCONE™ actively cleans and clears the air, thereby reducing the risk of aerosol transmission to other providers and veterans around the infectious patient in the hospital, even at greater distances.

With Apiary's help, the SCONE™ device can make a very positive impact for VA/DOD hospitals during 2021 and beyond. 

Apiary Medical has been solving healthcare challenges for over 20 years, by delivering a personalized, best-in-class buying experience for their customers. As proud members of the Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) community, their mission is to provide meaningful employment for Veterans, Disabled Veterans and their families, while positively impacting the veteran community through charitable contributions.

SCONE™ is just one of the many "Made in America" infection prevention products Apiary is on mission to provide for their customers. Most recently, they have started making high-quality isolation masks; a first to offer both active and passive forms of barrier protection.

Not only does it complement PPE, SCONE™ creates safer, more efficient full capacity protocols by providing a portable, low-cost, isolation unit that can remain with the patient throughout their stay and used as needed to reduce nosocomial infection risk during ER triage, patient transport throughout the facility, emergent procedures, AGPs like nebulizers/BiPAP/CPAP, planned family visitation, and end-of-life care scenarios. We can now safely bring back the humanity to healthcare.

Mike Adams, CEO of SCONE, says "I'm very pleased to announce a VA/DOD partnership with Apiary Medical. I've known Chris Hadsall, veteran CEO of Apiary, for a long time now and he's the real deal. He has always conducted himself with a high level of integrity in business and does right by his customers and employees. I'm confident that he and his team will represent the SCONE mission well - no patient or provider left behind."

No patient or provider left behind.

VA/DOD facilities are struggling on full capacity protocols, just like most every other hospital in the country. If there is something we can do to change that, it's our goal to rise the tide and lift all boats by working together through mutual partnership and American-made innovation.


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Kristen Adams

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