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Healthcare Workers with Coronavirus May Go Undetected & Promote Spread

The coronavirus pandemic has continued to take a toll on patients and healthcare workers across the globe. Healthcare workers, who are at incredibly high risk for COVID-19, are exposed to the virus from patients with confirmed and suspected cases of COVID-19 and other healthcare workers that they work with each day.

Because healthcare workers face exposure while doing everything from transporting patients to conducting intubations, they are not required to quarantine based on exposure. Unfortunately, this means that even if they have undetected COVID-19, they can still be in close contact with patients and other healthcare workers, continuing to spread the virus.

According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, roughly 40% of healthcare workers who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 were not showing symptoms when they received their diagnosis [1].

Of those who tested positive, almost half were nurses and a quarter were physicians, and roughly 23% were other healthcare workers [1]. These workers were still working in emergency rooms and operating rooms during their screening, potentially spreading COVID-19 to patients and other workers in the meantime.

Socially distancing is not possible in hospitals, and oftentimes more than one healthcare professional needs to provide care for a patient at a time. When healthcare workers are asymptomatic and have undetected COVID-19, they can unknowingly put countless others at risk.


According to Dr. Taulant Muka from the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine at the University of Bern in Switzerland, “A significant proportion of healthcare workers are positive for COVID-19 while asymptomatic, which might lead to the silent transmission of the disease within the hospitals and in the community” [1].


With nearly 1,100 healthcare workers having died from COVID-19 as of October 2020, it is imperative that hospitals provide their workers with protection in addition to personal protective equipment (PPE) in order to minimize the spread of the coronavirus [2].

Ordinary PPE is not enough to keep healthcare workers safe during this pandemic, especially with the PPE shortages that are burdening hospitals and their employees across the nation. Many hospitals have not had a sufficient supply of PPE for their physicians and nurses, and have had to make due as the COVID-19 cases continued to climb.

Healthcare workers have had to reuse PPE, like face masks and gloves, and provide care for patients with COVID-19 using decontaminated PPE. This further exacerbates the problem, as asymptomatic healthcare workers have to continue to work without adequate PPE.

This is where SCONE™ can help.

SCONE™ Medical Solutions created the SCONE™ to serve as additional protection so that healthcare workers can decrease their risk for COVID-19 during the pandemic.


Using the SCONE™ to Minimize the Spread of COVID-19

Considering healthcare workers are at high risk for the coronavirus, and they are easily able to spread this virus to patients and to one other, it is vital that hospitals and healthcare facilities do everything possible to minimize their exposure to COVID-19.

With physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals facing a second wave of COVID-19, a solution is more important now than ever [3].

The SCONE™ significantly reduces this risk for COVID-19 by providing an active barrier of protection for healthcare workers as they transport patients, provide care for patients under investigation, and perform aerosol-generating procedures.

The SCONE™ uses negative pressure technology to clear potentially infectious droplets and aerosols, and it has four access points so that multiple healthcare professionals may provide care for patients with COVID-19 without exposing themselves to the virus.

With the SCONE™, frontline healthcare workers can continue to save lives without putting their own at risk.


SCONE™ has been authorized by the FDA for Emergency Use. Connect with us to learn how we can start better protecting your healthcare facility.

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