Christine McCormick 9/25/20 12:44 AM 5 min read

ER Nurse shares story about her father being hospitalized with COVID


"When I first found out my father had COVID I was very nervous and a little scared. I am a nurse, actually an ER nurse by background, and my father had contracted COVID and was in the hospital. I had heard all the stories and the adverse outcomes of patients that contracted COVID and I was really just worried about what the ultimate outcome would be. He actually took a little convincing to go to the emergency room and he was pretty sick by the time I got him there and then with the restrictions I had to leave him there. I just remember leaving and thinking you know I hope this isn't the last time that I'm seeing my dad.

So we ended up having the opportunity to do some window visits with my father. He was in the hospital for about a month up on a regular COVID unit in the hospital and then was transferred to ICU and after he'd been in ICU for a couple weeks they told us that we could see him through a window and once we found that out we were, I mean, we were like ecstatic and desperate just to see him . We felt like if we could at least have that connection with him that maybe could make a difference in his care and maybe his outcome. We're thankful for the window because that's all we had but living in Phoenix in the summertime it was record heat, about 116º, and we were outside the window and the window was hot to touch and the only way we could see him was to cup our hands to the window. That was so hot, we were dripping sweat but you know, it's your dad, or my dad. Any measure of any uncomfortable experience that we had to endure was worth it just to have the connection with him. 

If I were to find out that there was a device that would have allowed me to be in the room instead of at the window, honestly, I'd probably just cry out of sheer emotion. After talking to my dad about seeing us through the window he says that it was just like a breath of fresh air for him and just gave him just a little bit of a boost to continue to fight because he had a hard fight with the COVID. It had you know a tight hold on him and his physical body and being able to have that emotional connection with us by seeing at the window, he said just felt like honestly just a light at the end of a long dark tunnel. 

From a nurse perspective I think this device could be good in this situation as well as with other communicable disease and other instances where we need protection. I mean, as unique as I like to think I am with a situation I realize you know my father is not the only patient in this situation and COVID isn't the only medical situation where you have to require barriers and isolation. So the device as a whole I feel like it's a complete game changer in this currently pandemic situation as well as going forward with any other situation, from a nurse perspective as well as a family perspective."



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