Kristen Adams

Kristen Adams is the VP of Marketing and Operations for SCONE and brings 10 years of experience in the medical device industry working in various operational, marketing, and financial roles. Dubbed a "jack of all trades", Kristen specializes in graphic design and communication strategies, marketing and branding, print/web design, data systems integration and financial management. She received a BS in Accountancy from Arizona State University and lives with her husband, Mike Adams (SCONE's CEO) and their 4 boys ages 4-12 years old. She loves to learn new skills, bake for her boys, study theology, and entertain friends and family.

Blog Post by Kristen Adams

Kristen Adams 2/19/21 2:01 PM 8 min read

5 Ways Hospitals Can Use the SCONE

The coronavirus pandemic has caused over 400,000 deaths and countless more ...
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Kristen Adams 2/17/21 11:11 AM 5 min read

Nosocomial - A Big Word for a Simple, Unsettling Reality.

Are airborne pathogens a threat to public confidence in hospital safety? A dramatic ...
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Kristen Adams 1/28/21 12:56 AM 6 min read

COVID wasn't the first Airborne Disease, and It won't be the Last

A recent study showed that frontline HCWs had a significantly increased risk of COVID-19 ...
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Kristen Adams 1/22/21 10:57 AM 9 min read

Veterans Affairs Hospitals Not Getting the COVID Support They Need

More than a year after the first reported case of COVID-19 in the United States, many ...
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Kristen Adams 1/19/21 12:55 AM 5 min read

SCONE partners with Apiary Medical to bring aerosol control to VA hospitals, DOD

A recent internal watchdog report has revealed that VA hospitals around the country have ...
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Kristen Adams 1/4/21 2:32 PM 5 min read

SCONE Medical Solutions Inc. Receives FDA Emergency Use Authorization for Novel Self-Contained Negative Pressure Environment (SCONE™)

For Immediate Release SCONE Medical Solutions, Inc. | Phoenix AZ As the world faces a new ...
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Kristen Adams 12/21/20 2:32 PM 5 min read

SCONE Medical Receives FDA Emergency Use Authorization for Novel Aerosol Infection Containment Device

For Immediate Release SCONE Medical Solutions, Inc. | Phoenix AZ
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Kristen Adams 12/4/20 1:59 PM 8 min read

4 Types of Healthcare Facilities that can use the SCONE™ Device

There's no doubt that healthcare has changed significantly since the onset of the ...
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Kristen Adams 11/25/20 3:52 PM 7 min read

Healthcare Workers with Coronavirus May Go Undetected & Promote Spread

The coronavirus pandemic has continued to take a toll on patients and healthcare workers ...
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Kristen Adams 10/23/20 1:52 PM 10 min read

7 Ways Healthcare Workers are Negatively Impacted by COVID-19

Healthcare workers, who spend each day working tirelessly on the frontlines to save lives ...
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