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Christine McCormick 3/1/21 12:11 PM 7 min read

Airborne Transmission and COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to spread, infecting hundreds of thousands of people across the ...
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Kristen Adams 2/19/21 2:01 PM 8 min read

5 Ways Hospitals Can Use the SCONE

The coronavirus pandemic has caused over 400,000 deaths and countless more ...
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Mike Adams 2/18/21 10:54 AM 7 min read

Dying Alone is a Crime Against Humanity

As the recent wave of the Coronavirus finally eases throughout the US and the new ...
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Christine McCormick 2/17/21 6:07 PM 6 min read

ICU Nurse shares story about losing her husband to COVID-19

  Stories like MacKenzee's are a call-to-action for healthcare leadership to prioritize ...
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Kristen Adams 2/17/21 11:11 AM 5 min read

Nosocomial - A Big Word for a Simple, Unsettling Reality.

Are airborne pathogens a threat to public confidence in hospital safety? A dramatic ...
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Chris Lyons 2/10/21 1:34 PM 9 min read

The Coronavirus Pandemic is Here to Stay

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans, while frightened, took comfort in ...
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Mike Adams 2/3/21 3:53 PM 8 min read

No One Should Be Dying Alone From COVID

“You hear stories from Europe and China. You tell yourself it is not going to happen ...
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Kristen Adams 1/28/21 12:56 AM 6 min read

COVID wasn't the first Airborne Disease, and It won't be the Last

A recent study showed that frontline HCWs had a significantly increased risk of COVID-19 ...
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Christine McCormick 1/27/21 10:58 AM 9 min read

Hospitals Overwhelmed and Short-Staffed, Forcing Healthcare Rationing

Although healthcare workers have been working tirelessly to try to provide patient care ...
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Kristen Adams 1/22/21 10:57 AM 9 min read

Veterans Affairs Hospitals Not Getting the COVID Support They Need

More than a year after the first reported case of COVID-19 in the United States, many ...
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Kristen Adams 1/19/21 12:55 AM 5 min read

SCONE partners with Apiary Medical to bring aerosol control to VA hospitals, DOD

A recent internal watchdog report has revealed that VA hospitals around the country have ...
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Christine McCormick 1/15/21 10:05 AM 8 min read

Negative Pressure can Reduce Spread of Infectious Aerosols Like COVID-19

Infectious diseases like COVID-19 spread rapidly throughout the United States because ...
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