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Mike Adams 4/28/21 11:09 AM 4 min read

Scone Medical Announces Issuance of US Patent for SCONE® Device

Issuance of U.S. Patent No. 10,967,204 for Novel Aerosol Containment Device
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Christine McCormick 4/13/21 1:55 PM 6 min read

Even with the Vaccines, Hospitals Shouldn't Let Down Their Guard

This past week, President Joe Biden announced that the vaccine eligibility deadline for ...
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Brandon Lawrence, MD 3/25/21 2:48 PM 5 min read

Are We Focusing Too Much on Surface Transmission? COVID is Airborne

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and healthcare facilities across the ...
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Mike Adams 3/17/21 8:24 PM 8 min read

Just say it, CDC. #COVIDisAirborne

Since the start of the pandemic, the CDC has failed to recognize the potential threat of ...
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Mike Adams 3/16/21 12:11 PM 5 min read

Bridging the Gap between AIIRs and PPE

The minute a sick patient walks into a healthcare facility, the risk of nosocomial ...
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Brandon Lawrence, MD 3/10/21 2:16 PM 5 min read

How COVID19 Changes The Way We Look at Infectious Disease Protocols

In order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, hospitals have stringent infectious ...
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Brandon Lawrence, MD 3/10/21 9:15 AM 5 min read

Aerosol Generating Procedures and the SCONE

In early February, citizens of Melbourne, Victoria in Australia were forced to return to ...
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Christine McCormick 3/1/21 12:11 PM 7 min read

Airborne Transmission and COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to spread, infecting hundreds of thousands of people across the ...
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Kristen Adams 2/19/21 2:01 PM 8 min read

5 Ways Hospitals Can Use the SCONE

The coronavirus pandemic has caused over 400,000 deaths and countless more ...
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Mike Adams 2/18/21 10:54 AM 7 min read

Dying Alone is a Crime Against Humanity

As the recent wave of the Coronavirus finally eases throughout the US and the new ...
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Christine McCormick 2/17/21 6:07 PM 6 min read

ICU Nurse shares story about losing her husband to COVID-19

  Stories like MacKenzee's are a call-to-action for healthcare leadership to prioritize ...
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Kristen Adams 2/17/21 11:11 AM 5 min read

Nosocomial - A Big Word for a Simple, Unsettling Reality.

Are airborne pathogens a threat to public confidence in hospital safety? A dramatic ...
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